25 Weird Things About Hacques Reird… XD

Wahooo….iseng liat-liat note Facebook, ternyata gw pernah buat seperti ini. Mari pindahkan dalam bentuk postingan blog. FYI, postingan ini campur-campur dalam bahasa Inggris yah. Ok, here we go…

1. I don’t like Harry Potter. I am UNHEALTHILY OBSESSED.

Yes...yess... you stole my heart, dear boy...

2. I can easily get a tantrum if I get my bowl of bakso infected with saos sambal and kecap.

3. People said my Dad isn’t someone you wanted to mess with, but for me, he’s the easiest person to play mess with.

4. I know nothing to do around unfriendly infants… I’d better stay out.

5. I have no Twitter. For me Plurk works better.

6. I prefer my cup of coffee loaded with dutch-processed cocoa, dash of cinnamon, and lots of milk.

7. Count me out if it comes to the current trending hit music, I will listen to it around two or three years later.

8. I can spend 8-9 hours a day to play The Sims.

9. I made my man laugh, therefore he stayed.

10. Maybe I am your only girl friend who ever played MMORPG Strategy Lord of Ultima by EA Games.

11. Since the first time I’ve been on Facebook, I NEVER change my profile picture. Seriously.

12. I see pairings with liberal eyes. I have no serious issue against same-gender marriage.

13. I can live only with pasta in everyday life. Have you tried to put chocolate sauce in your macaroni elbow? It’s good!

14. Five cats and a kitten. If you have any problem with them, avoid my house.

15. I don’t eat instant noodles, goat dishes, young animal (such as chick or veal), durian, and rice is my MORTAL PERIL.

16. I use fork to stir my drinks.

17. Robbie Wadge is my favorite catwalk man.

Ganteng? Yo ih...

Source : http://guyswithglasses.blogspot.com/2010/12/robbie-wadge.html

18. My personal e-mail usually flooded with newsletter. All useful I can’t choose which one to unsubscribe.

19. I can imagine the taste of a certain dish after reading the ingredients and the cooking directions.

20. I wear sneakers everyday to my office.

21. I cannot walk leisurely outside without using surgical mask or handkerchief covering my nose.

22. I am obedient to rules. Therefore I have the right to mock the rule breakers.

23. I prefer deluxe cheese pizza with only mushrooms as topping.

24. Jet black straight hair, fair skin, tall body, and spectacles are my fetish. Val have all the criteria.

25. I have a VERY weirdo habit, collecting photos of cars with license plate ended with UAA (yeah, my man is already went crazy because of this)


Yeah, you've had UAA, I got you!

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